January Favorites

The smell of rich caramel and toffee and floral honey and all things wonderful; LUSH Honey I Washed the Kids…

The Winter List

The holidays always seem to be so hectic and it can be stressful finding presents. This list compiles some of…

Winter Wishlist

From a previous post, I mentioned many, if not most people have a tendency to spend more money around this time of…

Fall Fragrances

Texas weather, as mentioned in previous entries, is bipolar. Some days it decides to be cool and normal fall-approaching-winter weather…

October Favorites

October was quite an eventful month. From weather changes, getting sick twice, and more things to do with school and…


This has been one of the busiest and most stressful weeks I’ve had in a long time. To alleviate my…

Fresh Citrus

{Citrus earrings by xcalixax} I tried saying “fresh citrus” five times fast without stopping, and it was impossible. If you can do…

Summer Must-Haves

Hello, everyone! I hope everyone had a great three day-weekend. Memorial Day weekends always seemed to be the beginning of…

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