7 Books You Should Read Before College Graduation

Let me be honest here: “books for college graduation” didn’t exist as a gift wishlist when I finished school. Reading for “fun” wasn’t even on my radar in college. In fact, I didn’t do much reading at all. The only…

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10 Graduation Gifts You Should Really Be Asking For

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10 Ways the Class of 2020 Can Still Celebrate Graduation

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Hiring Freeze Recommendations for College Graduates

Hiring freezes in different industries are affecting more than just people who are already working. It’s also taken quite a toll on our new Class of 2020 college graduates. This is a difficult time for current students and new college graduates to navigate their careers, but I believe there are…

10 Ways the Class of 2020 Can Still Celebrate Graduation

Well, Class of 2020 grad. You made it! Can you believe it? While sheltering-in-place and physical distancing isn’t exactly the way I would have imagined ending college, I believe you still deserve to celebrate your accomplishments with your family and loved ones. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already…