A Weekend in Wimberley, Texas

One of the things I love about my work is being able to take it anywhere I want. I loved the idea of having the freedom to pick up and go anywhere I wanted. It was one of the reasons…

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The Frenchie Hotel in Round Top, Texas

for my first workation away

The Top Go-To Gifts for Bullet Journal Lovers

my favorite picks for paper people

The 10 Things I Always Buy on Amazon

Amazon is the place I stock up on things I frequently purchase. Over the years, I’ve collected a few favorite things I try to purchase from other places. Turns out I always end up buying on Amazon, because it’s reliable,…

5 Things You Should Know About Life After College

Life after college can be overwhelming and scary. I remember thinking I wish someone created a manual or rulebook for it. Unfortunately (and fortunately), we’re all just figuring it out as we go. We’re all learning lessons to collect and…

The Sunday Self-Care Routine I Do Every Week to Relax

Every Sunday, I look forward to what I call my “Sunday self-care routine”. Ever since I started working my first 9-5 job after graduating college, I’ve made it a priority to relax and enjoy myself during the weekends. Doing my…

The Frenchie Hotel in Round Top, Texas

Most might say Austin is a great city to live in. “It’s vibrant. There are so many job opportunities. There are so many fun things to do outside!” I’ve been living in Austin for almost seven years. While those things are true, one of my favorites things about living in…

The Ultimate College Graduation Checklist

This post is sponsored by Basic Invite. Thank you for supporting brands that make possible. You did it, grad! You made it. Before you walk across the stage with that diploma in hand, there are probably a few things on your to-do list that still need to be done.…