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5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Small Space Organized

7 Must Have Bullet Journal Supplies for Beginners

everything you need to start your bullet journal

20 Must-Have School Supplies for College

There are a few items I would call as must-have school supplies for college students. The items below are my favorites – things that I use every day and can’t imagine not having in my dorm room. Must-Have School Supplies…

UT Austin Dorm Room Reveal

Hi friends, welcome to my UT Austin dorm room! I’m so excited to show you around the 12′ x 8.5′ room I lovingly call “home”. As a third-year at The University of Texas at Austin, the idea of moving back…

Dorm Organization Essentials

3 Unexpected Places for Apartment Decor on a Budget

I’ve searched place after place for cute apartment decor on a budget. Ever since I had a space to call my own in college, I went crazy with decorating my apartment. In fact, I gave both my dorm and apartment their own hashtag #thebellainsiderdorm and #thebellainsiderhome. I love Target, HomeGoods,…

5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Small Space Organized

I’m gonna be honest: it’s taken me years to find easy ways to keep my small space organized. I’m so glad I finally have a few things that work for me. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your spall space stays organized. Easy Tips to…