20 Ways You Can Support Friends, Coworkers, and Neighbors In Need While Social Distancing

Everything you can do to support the families and communities around you.

Working from home is a luxury right now. I feel immensely thankful to have had jobs since graduating from college that allow me to avoid crowds, work from home, and support friends from a distance. Unfortunately, not everyone has this option.

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There are people (healthcare workers, hello!) who still have to go out and work every day despite risking exposure from COVID-19. Some people are completely out of work. Some have compromised immune systems and sacrifice just to keep providing for their families.

If you’re healthy and have the heart to do more for your community, please consider showing up for the people around you. Besides our collective social responsibility to stay in, there are lots of ways we can pitch in to support friends, small business owners, and more! I challenge all of us to do what we can for our friends, neighbors, coworkers, and strangers, for it is more blessed to give than receive! Here are a few ways you can support your community right now.

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Free ways you can support your friends, neighbors, and coworkers while social distancing:

  1. Get your facts straight: There’s nothing worse than spreading more fear from fake or misinformed news sources. Use reputable sources and don’t immediately share a friend’s information without checking it first!
  2. Give toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes: If you hoarded supplies or have extra essentials around the home, consider gifting them to a friend or stranger in need.
  3. Leave a note on your neighbor’s door: Leave your name and ask if you can pick up essentials from the store. If they’re an elderly couple, they might appreciate the help!
  4. Ask how you can help: Send a text or give a call to ask what you can do to be helpful whether it’s grabbing groceries, mail, or driving by to leave some toilet paper in a gift bag.
  5. Set up a virtual friend date: Schedule a date via FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype to connect with a friend. Your extroverts are needing it!
  6. Recommend a free online class: Brit + Co is currently offering all their creative classes absolutely free until March 31st with the code SELFCARE at check-out! I also love Obé Fitness and ClassPass, which allow me to workout from home with high-quality, live and pre-recorded videos. You can use the links for a 7-day free trial and a 1-month free trial, respectively.
  7. Send a cheery e-card or text: Email an e-card or text a Bitmoji of yourself saying you’re thinking of them!
  8. Organize virtual group meet-ups: Take your Bible study, book club, or interest group online! Bless you, technology.
  9. Share a funny video or meme: Nothing makes me feel more seen than when someone understands my humor and thinks to send me something they think I’ll find funny!
  10. Offer your favorite media recommendations: Lots are cooped up right now! Use the template below to share your favorites!

If you’re feeling generous and have the funds to support loved ones or even strangers with your dollars, here are some ideas you can use to support your community:

Ways to support people while social distancing:

  1. Gift a helpful product or service: Your friends are sure to appreciate you if you send something to use during quarantine! Consider gifting a few months of Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, or workout services like Obé Fitness and ClassPass mentioned earlier!
  2. Donate your items: There are people less fortunate than us who could use your help! Consider donating clothes or unused appliances to a local charity house or unemployed family that could be of better use to them than you.
  3. Donate to a charity: Many organizations are working hard to provide for those in need. Do your research on a charity review website like CharityNavigator.org and consider donating to a cause you care about!
  4. Venmo to unemployed friends: I have friends who work minimum wage jobs. While I realize they can file for unemployment while looking for other work, I know I can support them quickly by sending over $25 with a thoughtful note, so they can have groceries on me!
  5. Drop off a small gift to your friend’s doorstep: Consider dropping off flowers, a card, or a candle to your friend’s doorstep. Be sure to sanitize it first!
  6. Start a fundraiser for your neighbor or friend in need: Crowdfunding for a cause is a great way to show your neighbor or friend you care.
  7. Offer to buy groceries: This eliminates both having to go out or pay the service to have groceries delivered. Your elderly neighbors might appreciate it!
  8. Purchase an experience to enjoy for the future: Many small businesses are getting creative about how to sell their products and services. Consider gifting an experience for someone to enjoy like a weekend getaway at an Airbnb or a fun, in-person class.
  9. Pay for a child’s meal: Many kids rely on school lunches for their only meal. Consider supporting a group that supplies meals for children during this time! I personally plan to donate to SavetheChildren.org, an organization that helps children who rely on school for food and learning during COVID-19.
  10. Pay it forward: I’ve encountered many generous people in my life. If there’s something you love that a mentor, coworker, friend, or neighbor has gifted you in the past, considering purchasing it for a friend. I personally love all the books under the College Graduation Reads section in The Bella Insider Amazon Store. Whenever I have the chance to gift, I one-click purchase it and send one to a friend!
20 Ways You Can Support Friends, Coworkers, and Neighbors In Need While Social Distancing - TheBellaInsider.com

Do you have any other ideas about how to support your friends in need while keeping your distance? Feel free to share them with me in the comments. It’s our collective social responsibility to distance ourselves, but also care for our neighbor and show up for our community if we have the opportunity to give. I challenge us all to do something small to make our community a more joyful place.

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