23 Thankings

I thank God that this past year has been a not only a smooth one, but one full of blessings and great things. One of my favorite numbers is 23, so below are 23 things that I am most grateful for this Thanksgiving:

1. Canon cameras
2. Pianos
3. Honey lemon tea
4. LUSH Dream Cream Body Lotion
5. Foody’s Gourmet croissants
6. Many friends
7. Agendas and planners
8. Makeup buddies (pictured above from the past year)
9. Getting to bake with Mommy
10. A voice
11. A functioning foot after an Achilles tendon rupture
12. Hand sanitizer
13. Dresses
14. MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer
15. Long hair
16. A loving family
17. Rain in our terrible drought
18. Lip balm
19. Sisterly love
20. Crewneck sweaters
21. Tights
22. Music
23. The support from all of you

Have a great Thanksgiving! Happy Turkey Day!

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  1. 11.24.11
    Perla said:

    Aw! Love it! I love my makeup buddy <3