3 Reasons to Wear a Colorful Printed Top

It’s no secret that I love bright colors. (Remember that yellow maxi dress from a few weeks ago?) When all those bright colors meet to create a colorful printed top, I just can’t pass it up. There are so many ways to style one, and now that it’s summer time, I have all the more reason to stock up on them! If you’re afraid of some color, don’t worry. I’m here to convince you why a colorful printed top is the way to go – especially for this upcoming summer!

3 Reasons to Wear a Colorful Printed Top | www.thebellainsider.com
3 Reasons to Wear a Colorful Printed Top | www.thebellainsider.com
3 Reasons to Wear a Colorful Printed Top | www.thebellainsider.com
There are so many reasons to wear a bright printed top. Here are some of my favorites:
1. It matches with all your accessories.
Neutral or bright accessories, you choose! A patterned top with lots of colors is sure to match whatever purse you decide to bring or jewelry pieces you choose to wear. Here, I brought along a neutral clutch, but a bright bag would look just as cool. I chose a pair of purple dangle earrings to up the fun factor, but they would look just as great with a pair of black tassel earrings or gold statement earrings.
2. You can save on luggage space.
This might sound like a silly one, but if you over-pack for your trips like I do, a colorful printed top might just do the trick to save you some luggage space. Since it pairs with lots of bottoms such as shorts, a maxi-skirt, or a pair of skinny jeans, you can get away with bringing less items and still have plenty of stylish, fun outfits – perfect for summer trips.
3. It uplifts your mood!
It’s proven that color affects the way we think, act, and even perform at school and work. How could one be down wearing lots of color? I’m convinced that bright-colored pieces make people happier…unless you hate color. Haha! That’s a different story though. Does anyone here dislike color?
3 Reasons to Wear a Colorful Printed Top | www.thebellainsider.com
3 Reasons to Wear a Colorful Printed Top | www.thebellainsider.com
TOP floral crop blouse | SHORTS zara (similar here) | PURSE bought in Hong Kong | SHOES lace up ballet flats (on sale for $21.50! other favorites linked here, here, and here) | EARRINGS kendra scott danielle

This colorful printed top is such a fun addition to my closet. The first time I wore it out was at 7 am to meet a friend for coffee, and the barista at the shop told me he loved that it looked like a watercolor art piece! This blouse can stand alone as a statement piece with neutrals, but it also pairs with lots of accessories to create a really fun outfit – perfect for a summer trips with the family or dinner with girlfriends. Did I mention this top is under $20? A serious steal.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you’re having an awesome week. I’ll be studying for two finals: one in an engineering mechanics class and the other in computer programming. Hopefully, the finals won’t be too terrible. Stay tuned!

Photography by Kelly Rice

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  1. 5.12.16
    Unknown said:

    You look absolutely Gorgeous in this look! I love the lipstick with your outfit and how classy it all looks, but still has pops of color!

    xx Kasey


  2. 5.12.16
    Sarah said:

    Kasey, thank you for your sweet comment about the outfit. And for stopping by on the blog. Hope to see you here again soon! Your job is super cool, by the way! XO, Sarah

  3. 5.13.16

    Such a fun vibrant top! Love this colorful look!


  4. 5.15.16
    Sarah said:

    Thanks so much, Pear! It really is a fun one to wear! XO, Sarah

  5. 5.16.16
    Unknown said:

    sarah–note to self. need to wear more colors like sarah!! ah ha! now i know where i saw that top. can we say #shopaholics? lol, when you posted it on instagram i was like.. i've seen that somewhere! ps–reason #3 is the BEST and so very true. it's amazing what happy colored pedicure can do for me! xoxo,

    janna | http://www.jannadoan.com

  6. 5.17.16
    Karen said:

    Wow, This is such a cute colorful outfit


  7. 5.17.16
    Sarah said:

    Haha Janna! I think you have such great classic style! I always enjoy seeing your outfit posts. I definitely believe that bright colors are the WAY TO GO! Some colorful toes and a bright lip are my favorite way to add some color. Thanks for reading! XO, Sarah

  8. 5.17.16
    Sarah said:

    Karen, thanks so much for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed the outfit! XO, Sarah

  9. 5.23.16
    Unknown said:

    Love those flats!!!

  10. 5.23.16
    Amber said:

    Oppps sorry that was my comment before, forgot to login! xoxo, Amber

  11. 5.23.16
    Sarah said:

    Thanks for your sweet comment, Amber! The best part is that they're on sale! Yippee! XO, Sarah