4 Tests to Find Your Skills & Talents in College

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4 Tests to Find Your Skills & Talents in College - TheBellaInsider.com

There are lots of available tests to find your skills, talents, and strengths. It sounds silly, but nailing down my skills into just a few words gave me the confidence I needed when I started applying for jobs. It helped me find the right opportunities, interview with confidence, and know that if things didn’t work out, it just wasn’t the right fit for my strengths.

I’ve heard close friends and blog readers tell me, “I’m not really good at anything.” I want to challenge that thought! I really think it’s that you haven’t had the chance to discover your skills yet. A test is one of the first steps you can take to find them. Here are the ones I love:

Tests to Find Your Skills: High5 Test

I love this test, because 1) the results are instant and 2) it’s free. The test brings you through a series of 100 questions and results in 5 strengths. I believe it took me 20 minutes. People love this test, because it allows them to know their best selves, be happier, and improve their performance, along with other benefits to this test.


CliftonStrengths is one of the books I always recommend to new college grad. This 20-minute test assesses your strengths out of 34 “CliftonStrengths” themed into four larger categories: executing, influencing, relationship building, and strategic thinking.

The test is under $20 to find your top five strengths and near $50 to find a full analysis of your top 10. Keep in mind that many employers or school organizations will pay for this test, so if you can’t swing it right now, consider waiting. My top five were: maximizer, positivity, developer, harmony, and empathy.


Another great free test option is Myers-Briggs 16Personalities test. The test has been taken almost 300,000,000 times, and I understand why. It’s free and the results detail your strengths, weaknesses, and relationships. I find that results can vary depending on the setting you take the test. For example, I’ve tested as an ESFJ / ENFJ depending on whether I was at work, school, or home. I recommend taking this test a few times to see if your results are consistent.


It’s hard to choose favorites among these typing tests, but my favorite test is probably the Enneagram test. The Enneagram isn’t described as a personality test, but a test to help you find your motivations, why you do things the way you do. There are lots of ways to get tested for the Enneagram, including a paid $10 on the EnneagramInstitute.com, in-person or virtual analysis tests, or even just reading through them and discovering which ones resonate. I tested as an Enneagram 7w6 if you’re curious to learn more.

Have you taken these tests before? Did you pay for them or did school or work pay for them? Which ones did you like or dislike? Tell me in the comments below.

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