5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Small Space Organized

5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Small Space Organized - TheBellaInsider.com

I’m gonna be honest: it’s taken me years to find easy ways to keep my small space organized. I’m so glad I finally have a few things that work for me. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your spall space stays organized.

Easy Tips to Keep Your Small Space Organized

Break down boxes immediately

Packages come more often than they should to my apartment. #quarantineshopping – oops. The easiest way for a small space to look cluttered is to have unnecessary things piling up in a corner, so be proactive. Whenever you get a new package, break down your boxes immediately to be recycled as soon as possible.

Make a home for your things

I’m really prone to losing things. Like, it’s embarrassing. I lose my keys, wallet, or phone on a weekly basis. After moving from my last apartment a year ago, I’ve double-downed on creating homes for my things. Hooks for my keys. Organizers for my bathroom drawers. Places where I can store my things and always find them there. Below are a few of my favorite organization bins and containers at my place from The Bella Insider Amazon Shop:

Best Organizers for Small Spaces - TheBellaInsider.com

Schedule in a cleaning audit

Chances are that you’re spending some time cleaning up each week. If you’re like me, it’s also likely that no matter how often you spend time cleaning or organizing a space, things just pile up again.

I like to set a recurring reminder in my Google calendar every few months to go through and toss out/donate things I don’t need anymore. For example: the fridge. Every few months, I’ll toss out old condiments or items that just don’t need to be in there anymore. I’ll do the same thing with my closet and my bathroom cabinets.

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Spend five minutes tidying up every day

I find when I just spend five minutes tidying up my things every day, organizing is so much less daunting. For example, before I leave my desk at the end of a workday, I like to put things where they belong. That way, I can find things I need the next day. Build it into your routine, so you can stay organized.

Clean as you go

If your kitchen looks like a hurricane came through after you cooked, this tip is for you. When you’re making food, be intentional about putting things away immediately in the recycle bin, trash, dishwasher, or even compost bin once you’re finished with them. I promise your kitchen will be so much easier to clean at the end of the night if you clean as you go.

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