5 Simple Tips For a Better Night of Sleep

It’s no surprise that most college students don’t sleep enough. I recently conducted a small survey amongst my engineering friends, and the results didn’t surprise me. We engineering students sleep around five to six hours per night on average. Clinical studies show that young adults need about seven to eight hours of sleep a night, so obviously, we have some improvement to do. Though I also fall under the category of students who don’t get enough sleep, I surprisingly still love my mornings and feel excited to start the day again. Below are five simple ways I’ve been getting a better, more restful sleep.

Tip #1: Get clean.
I’ve always been a “night shower-er”. Washing off the day’s worries with a hot shower is something I look forward to every night, and nothing compares to that cozy post-wash feeling. This habit of getting squeaky clean and slipping into my favorite pair of pajamas before bed makes me feel super relaxed. Plus, I love knowing I have a few extra minutes to sleep in.

Tip #2: Set the mood for sleeping.
I recently posted an Instagram picture of my dorm room at night. When I come to a close on my schoolwork, I do everything I can to my dorm room to make it feel as cozy as possible. I like to put away my phone, dim the lights, leave on my favorite string lights, and plug in my sugar cookie scent warmer. A few days a week, I’ll even drink a cup of warm tea and put on a good face mask. (I’m currently loving this TULA Exfoliating Treatment Mask.) The warm and cozy ambiance of the room lets my brain know it’s time for me to wind down and sleep soon.

Tip #3: Get tasks off your mind and on paper. 
Sometimes my mind is still racing with things to do before I sleep. Whether it’s as simple as doing laundry the next day or printing out class notes, I keep a pen and stack of Post-It notes within close reach of my bed, so I get things off my mind and on a piece of paper. I like knowing I can go to bed with a clear mind, and I can just go to my checklist of things to do when I wake up in the morning.

Tip #4: Exercise.
I grew up working out in a gymnastics gym every day after school. To this day, I find that getting in a sweaty workout in the early evening is one of the best ways I get myself a longer, well-rested sleep. Studies show that times of physical activity for a restful sleep vary for the individual, but I can prove exercising works for sure. I love me a good evening Zumba class! 
Tip #5: Lay out everything you need for the next day the night before.
I’ll take any time I can get to sleep in a few extra minutes in the morning. For this reason, I like to lay out my clothes, shoes, and put my laptop, notebooks, and assignments I need in my backpack for the next day. It’s nice when I can sleep knowing I won’t forget anything in the morning.

Y’all, I love hearing your requests about tips for college. If you have anything specific you want me to share about, send me an email at sarah@thebellainsider.com or leave me a comment below! Thank you so much for making me a part of your day. See y’all again on Friday!

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  1. 10.19.16

    Laying out everything and the post it notes really make a difference! These are great tips!

    xx, Tomi

  2. 10.20.16

    Great tips dear… thank you for sharing!
    IG @grace_njio

  3. 11.14.16
    Sarah said:

    It really does! Thanks so much for reading, Tomi!

    XO from Austin,

    Sarah | The Bella Insider | @sarah_thebella

  4. 11.14.16
    Sarah said:

    Thank you for stopping by, Grace!

    XO from Austin,

    Sarah | The Bella Insider | @sarah_thebella