7 Must Have Bullet Journal Supplies for Beginners

everything you need to start your bullet journal
7 Must Have Bullet Journal Supplies for Beginners - TheBellaInsider.com

There are a few must-have bullet journal supplies I always recommend for beginners. If you’re starting your first bullet journal or you’re just looking for some new recommendations, here are the things I would purchase first before you go looking for the extra stuff:

Must Have Bullet Journal Supplies for Beginners

Dot grid notebook: Every bullet journal lover will recommend a dot grid notebook. It’s basically a notebook that has dots instead of lines, so you can customize designs in your bullet journal. Here are a few I recommend:

Good value: Northbooks Dotted Bullet Notebook
Lots of color options: Rhodiarama Notebook
Great for all levels: Leucchtturn1917
Best organized: Scribbles That Matter
Customizable: May Designs

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Pencil & eraser: Even the most seasoned bullet journalers plan their spreads in pencil! Keep a pencil and eraser handy so you can plan your spreads knowing you can erase afterwards. The MUJI Black Eraser is my favorite, but the Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Erasers are also great too.

Mini ruler: Mini rulers, all the way. I love a mini ruler (this gold brass one specifically) compared to a regular-sized ruler, because it allows me to have more control over my straight lines. I also love a mini ruler, because it allows me to bring my supplies wherever I go!

Fine-line pens: Bullet journals tend to be on the smaller size compared to regular notebooks, so I like fine-line gel pens (thinner than 0.5 mm) to make clean, thin lines. I recommend ones that create dark lines that dry fairly quickly. A few I love include: MUJI 0.38 mm Black, Pilot G2 Premium Gel Rollers, PILOT G-Tec-C Gel Ink Rolling Ball Pens, and uni-ball 207 Retractable Gel Pens.

7 Must Have Bullet Journal Supplies for Beginners - TheBellaInsider.com

Colorful markers: I love having a variety of colors to play with when I create new spreads. These Zebra Pen Mildliners are amazing. They have 5 stars on Amazon from 5K+ reviews, and they deserve the high praise.

Correction tape: Everyone’s bound to make mistakes, so don’t be hard on yourself. I like to keep this Tombow correction tape handy, so I can easily clean up a mistake. This correction tape isn’t like other white-out. You don’t have to let it dry. It never comes off the dispenser. It’s no mess, no fuss. Just place the tape on the paper and drag! You can easily write on top of it after.

Carrying case: I like to keep my supplies handy in a carrying case or pouch, so I can bring them wherever I go. If you’re home, you can easily keep your supplies in a jar as well. I recommend the JARLINK 20 Pack 10 Colors Zipper Mesh Pouch, EASTHILL storage pouch, or ANGOOBABY large pencil case.

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Where to Shop Bullet Journal Supplies

  • Your local stationery shop
    I find any excuse to shop at my local stationery shop, Paper + Craft Pantry in Austin, Texas. Pei carries curated items from her favorite places, and I typically purchase there if I’m buying for friends or treating myself.
  • The Bella Insider Amazon Shop
    My Amazon shop is where I keep an ultimate list of my favorite bullet journaling supplies that I continue to re-purchase.
  • The Bella Insider Shop
    The Bella Insider Shop is where I showcase supplies from frequently-asked questions on Instagram. Feel free to scroll through #bellabullet and let me know if you have any questions from the products I use!

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