Armand Bayou

armand bayou pink muhly grass
Gorgeous pink muhly laced into the tall grasses

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit one of the only remaining tallgrass prairies Armand Bayou with my AP Environmental Science class. Because I live in the suburbs of Houston, it’s hard to believe that places like Armand Bayou still exist with all the native wildlife and plants. Our day consisted of wildlife plant restoration and my favorite part: walking into the Bayou. Despite the few bug bites on my legs, I had so much fun on this field trip! If you live around the area and the weather is slightly cooler, I highly recommend visiting if you enjoy being outdoors. Here I included some of my favorite photos from the day.

armand bayou
Native plants ready to be planted in the prairie
armand bayou pink muhly grass
On our way to the way to the planting site, of course I had to take a close-up of the pink muhly. (a.k.a. fairy floss/cotton candy grass) 
armand bayou
That scary blue carnivorous insect…do you see it?
armand bayou
A productive morning of planting and clean-up
armand bayou
The Swamp
armand bayou
A beautiful day to be outside
armand bayou birds
I’m thankful these gigantic birds are caged.
pasadena armand bayou
View of the Bayou 
blue crab armand bayou
Hi, crab!
armand bayou
Clearly having too much fun in the muddy, shrimp-filled water

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  1. 10.12.13

    Sooo pretty pictures 🙂

    Love this, following you now via GFC and bloglovin


  2. 10.13.13
    Sarah said:

    I'm glad you like the photos, Cherry! 🙂

    XO, Sarah

  3. 10.22.13

    Nice Blog 🙂

    Wanna follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin, Facebook or Twitter???
    Just let me know and I will make sure to follow ya back

  4. 10.31.13
    Number C said:

    Very nice pictures, especially those with the "pink muhly", though I don't know what it is! 😉