August Favorites

What a crazy and exciting month it’s been! With another passing month comes new favorites. So, before I go into the details of August, here are some snaps of some of my most memorable things:
Chipper Things cards | The Bella Insider

This colorful rug. These white jeans. These adorable cards c/o Chipper Things. Love at first sight.
Bruxie waffle sandwiches | The Bella Insider

End of summer California tradition: waffle sandwiches at Bruxie. My favorite is the one stuffed with roasted mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and herb goat cheese topped with arugula. So good.
Artist's Palette in Death Valley National Park | The Bella Insider

Death Valley National Park‘s Artist’s Palette: a nine-mile roller coaster-like drive with stunning rainbow shades in the rock formations – my favorite part of the entire trip.
longhorn and Texas cookies | The Bella Insider

These little Longhorn and Texas beauts from Kellie’s Baking Co. were perfect for the Teen Vogue event in Austin. More pictures are coming next week!
burnt orange UT dress | The Bella Insider

This fun burnt orange dress with bell sleeves and lace and burnt orange earrings for upcoming game days at UT. Hook ’em!  

Let’s first start off with the beginning of August. I had the opportunity to travel to Death Valley National Park: the hottest place on earth. As if I couldn’t get enough of the Texas heat already! Despite the constant 110 F heat, it was such a unique and cool experience. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see nature’s resilience and some wonderful creations. With such a fun time, the beginning of August flew by so quickly.

Then move-in. And then school.

Y’all, I feel like the last two weeks of August have been the longest two weeks ever, and I can no doubt blame that on school. Getting back into the rigorous school routine again has been more difficult compared to past years. I basically went from 0 to 100, and it’s made me feel both mentally tired and physically weak. As I sat in my engineering class lectures, I would think to myself, “What am I doing here?” But I quickly tried to remove that thought as soon as it passed.

I reminded myself that I should feel grateful to receive a higher education. Here on The Bella Insider, I believe that women should have the opportunity to learn more and explore their passions. The college journey might be tough, but I also know that not all women around the world have the same opportunities. A great lesson I’ve taken away from this month is to always be grateful for the things I have and the opportunities I’m given.

And speaking of opportunities, the Teen Vogue Back-to-School Party for the Austin, TX area was a hit! Everyone came with such excitement and enthusiasm, and it made the night so fun. I can’t wait to share more photos with you next week. Though August is always bittersweet for me since it marks the end of summer break, I’m so excited to move along into the upcoming fall season: football and tailgating, chunky sweaters, and cozy nights in with friends. Count me in! Have a wonderful weekend, and as always, thank you for stopping by.

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  1. 9.3.16
    Carrie C said:

    Woohoo! Seems like a great month.


  2. 9.4.16

    That dress looks stunning on you! I've never been to the Death Valley National Park but I would really love to, jealous! I can totally relate to slow days in school. Luckily I am interning at the moment and don't have to sit through boring lectures but next year I'll start college… I can't wait to read about the Teen Vogue event! :)

    xx, rebecca