Best Watercolor Art Journal Supplies For Beginners

Over the last few months, I’ve received lots of requests on social media and in-person to share my favorite and best watercolor art journal supplies. Personally, I’m flattered when you ask about my recommendations because I only started my watercolor journey a few years ago.

Watercolor Art Journaling: How I Started

I started using watercolor art journaling as a form of therapy while I was still in college. A talented friend, Natalie Coulter of Mint & Maple, invited me to one of her classes and needless to say, I fell in love with the medium and the practice of art journaling.

Sakura Watercolor Kit -

During my six-month hiatus off social media, I used watercolor art journaling as a time to create without boundaries. I’d bring my supplies to coffee shops and painted while I waited on my order. I’d paint after my 9-5 social media job, on the weekends, on trips! It was playful, therapeutic, and fun! I documented a few of these journals on Instagram stories and posted a few pictures under the hashtag #thebellainsiderpaints. Over the last few months, I’ve received questions like:

“Where do I begin?”
“What should I buy?”
“What are your favorite watercolor art journal supplies?”

Best Watercolor Journal Supplies -

Watercolor Art Journal Supplies: My Requirements

I have lots of favorites when it comes to art journal supplies. When it comes to purchasing, repurchasing, and recommending favorites, the products must fit these three requirements:

  1. Supplies must be easy to travel with.
    That means light, compact, and not messy. I love having the option to take my supplies anywhere outside my home, which means water jars, lots of brushes, and heavy materials are a no-go for me! They must be able to fit inside my work or travel bag and not make a mess. Plus, water jars spilling everywhere just isn’t fun!
  2. Supplies must not take up a lot of room.
    I know what it feels like to pick up hobbies and leave them when life gets busy. When it comes to favorite products, I prefer to have multi-use ones (like paint sets with built-in mixing palettes or “self-watering” brushes) to minimize the amount of space my supplies take up.
  3. Supplies must be accessible to purchase.
    I love specialty art stores, but I understand not everyone has access to one close by. I love being able to repurchase and recommend favorites from Amazon, so they’re easy to find and just a few clicks away to purchase.

Recommended Watercolor Art Journal Supplies

I’ve provided a full list of materials below, so you can purchase everything you need to start journaling as soon as the supplies arrive at your door. They’re all from Amazon, so they’re as accessible as possible. Scroll to the bottom of the post and click to shop!

Best Watercolor Journal Supplies -

Over the years, I’ve found other favorites, so if you need other recommendations, have any questions, or need a second opinion, please send me a message on Instagram @sarah_thebella or leave a comment below! I’m happy to help.

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