{Bruschetta overflow recently}

 Bruschetta always seemed to be an appealing appetizer. Essentially, it really is just a mix of a few ingredients on top of sliced toasted baguette, but the presentation is pretty and they’re small enough to eat a few in a couple of bites. During pretty much the entire year at my house, Italian dinners are requested and eaten often, from Caprese salads, different pastas, and lots of bread to dip in nice oils. (We like the Oil and Vinegar  store to get really great oils, such as extra virgin with pumpkin seed, lemon, and rosemary, to name a few.) Bruschetta is a nice way to serve up an easy appetizer for summer dinner parties outside or even a quick Italian side to another dish. (Recipe Variation: here)

{Love the different textures and colors}


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  1. 5.22.11

    I like the food topics:)

  2. 5.23.11
    Jessie :) said:

    Bruschetta is my favorite!