Coconut Craze

My current obsession with the creamy scent of coconut has been pretty…ridiculous. I know not everyone is a fan of it, but it just smells so relaxingly exotic and beachy and has the amazing ability to transport me to my own paradise (Which includes: a private island, warm weather, crystal clear water, sand white as snow, and yummy drinks…oh, and a much-needed hammock). As May is creeping up on us, the more I smell whiffs of coconut, the more I am reminded of how close summer is and how excited I am that I’ll get to have even a short break from my busy schedule and just be able to sit back, and relax. My current coconut favorites:

From left to right:
– Philosophy Shower Gel in Coconut Frosting $16
– Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner $2-$3 at drugstores
(Leaves hair smelling like piña colada. Now who doesn’t want that?)
– Alba Botanica Coconut Cream Lip Balm $2.99
– Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner $6
– Slatkin and Co. Carribean Escape  $19.50 at Bath and Body Works
(The best. It smells almost refreshing in a creamy way. Like pineapples, mangoes, coconuts, and all things tropical, which I absolutely love.)
– Victoria’s Secret Refreshing Body Mist in Luscious Kisses $9
(Valenica oranges, coconut, and tonka bean notes)

Any scents that remind you of summer?

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  1. 4.25.11
    Unknown said:

    What else could remind me of summer besides shirtless guys!!!!

  2. 4.25.11

    Nice scents. I love anything coconut (in fact,I have 3 of the things one your list). Freesia also reminds me of spring/summertime.

  3. 5.9.11
    Sarah said:

    I also happen to think freesia is a nice scent for spring and summer. It's fresh and if used right, it's such a pretty smell.

  4. 5.28.11
    Anonymous said:

    I use coconut oil as a shaving cream – my legs have NEVER been softer and they smell so amazing! Also, LAVANILLA perfume in vanilla coconut is amazing.

  5. 5.28.11
    Sarah said:

    That is very cool! I've heard of using olive oil as shaving cream, but coconut oil sounds so much more appealing! And the LAVANILLA perfume sounds wonderful! Coconut + Vanilla = Mmm.

  6. 5.31.11
    Anonymous said:

    Coconut oil is better than olive oil because when it is in the jar, it is a very soft solid (the consistency of room temperature butter) but as you spread it onto your skin it becomes an oil. It does smell really amazing, I wish the scent lingered longer but it feels so wonderful when you are in the shower.

  7. 5.31.11
    Anonymous said:

    Because it is oil it is able to penetrate all the layers of your skin (which lotion does not do) – meaning not only is surface skin soft but as your skin cells die, new skin will also be soft. I highly recommend it, and I’d love to see a blog about it if you try it. Best of all it’s completely organic and has no parabins or chemicals AT ALL.
    I like the LAVANILLA perfume because the coconut smell isn’t to fake-y or little girl smelling. My all time favourite body lotion is bodyshop’s coconut body butter; it is summer in a tub!
    It should also be said that men prefer food smells, so lathering on the coconut is a treat for both you and your man!