Cranberry Bliss Bars

I think when the weather gets rainy and dreary is when I have the want to start baking things in the oven – cakes, cookies, anything of the like. Yesterday, I decided to make a copycat of a holiday favorite, the Cranberry Bliss Bars, from Starbucks. They’re are a slightly chewy blondie cake base with hints of zesty orange, tart dried cranberries throughout, and sweet cream cheese icing, topped with a white chocolate drizzle. This recipe turned out to be a replica of the Starbucks version and there’s even an easier version of it so you can make these if you’re in a hurry. Next time I make these (which will probably be soon due to the upcoming holidays), I’ll probably cut down a little on the sugar for the icing. Nonetheless, they were super delicious and definitely a keeper.

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