3 Unexpected Places for Apartment Decor on a Budget

Instagram-worthy apartment decor doesn't have to come at a high price
3 Unexpected Places for Apartment Decor on a Budget - TheBellaInsider.com

I’ve searched place after place for cute apartment decor on a budget. Ever since I had a space to call my own in college, I went crazy with decorating my apartment. In fact, I gave both my dorm and apartment their own hashtag #thebellainsiderdorm and #thebellainsiderhome.

I love Target, HomeGoods, and Amazon Home as much as the next person. As much as I enjoy browsing those places, there are a few other options I’ve found success in finding Instagram-worthy apartment decor. Keep scrolling to read!

Cute Apartment Decor on a Budget: Goodwill

Goodwill is the place I turn to for small apartment decorations and accents like vases, bowls, and glassware for shelves and tabletops. It’s also great for seasonal decorations. Ever since Marie Kondo came about, Goodwill stores started filling up with amazing finds. It takes a bit of patience to find something great, but when you find something great, it’s worth it. My tips for Goodwill stores:

  • There’s a higher chance you’ll score something great if you go to Goodwill locations in areas of town you like. If a certain area in your city has a particular vibe or feel, head to those locations to find items.
  • Ask your Goodwill location when they stock their stores with new items. You’re more likely to find something you like when new items come in.
  • Wait for “fall refresh” or “spring cleaning” for the best chances to find something great!
  • Make sure to clean your items well after you bring them home.

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Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great option if you’re looking for larger furniture items on a budget. It takes a bit of patience, but when you score something great, it’s worth it. I recommend scrolling when you have some free time, though fair warning: you might get hooked on the hunt.

My tips for Facebook Marketplace:

  • Negotiation is always a possibility.
  • Look for free items when the college students in your town plan to move out.
  • Filter your search options so “recently added items” show up first. You’ll spend less time scrolling for items that are still on sale if the ones that are more recent show up first.

Local plant store

For the longest time, I was afraid of owning plants because I was afraid I would kill them. After I was gifted my first plant from a friend, it made my space feel so alive and happy. Honestly, I would now rather have a plant than another random bowl or trinket collecting dust on the shelves.

Tips for plant stores:

  • Before you go into a plant store, save pictures of plants you like on your phone and know which directions your windows at home face.
  • Ask the plant store workers about their recommendations based on the photos you show them and the direction of your windows.
  • Be sure to separate plants at first in case of disease
  • Some of my favorite plant stores in Austin are: Tillery Street Plant Company, Frond Plant Shop, and Succulent Native.

What are your favorite unexpected places to find home decor on a budget?

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