Find Bullet Journal Inspiration These 3 Ways

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Find Bullet Journal Inspiration These 3 Ways |

Bullet journal inspiration doesn’t always come easily. Sometimes I stare at a blank page for half an hour until I figure out what to create. Thanks to social media platforms, there are lots of ways to get inspired. Here are my favorite three ways to find bullet journal inspiration if I need some creative help:

Where to Find Bullet Journal Inspiration

Follow bullet journal artists on Instagram

Instagram is a great place to look for everyday bullet journal inspiration. There’s a strong bullet journal community on the platform. Plus, the app makes it easy to get inspired by serving content you’ll enjoy in your Explore page.

When I first started bullet journaling, I browsed through general bullet journal hashtags on Instagram like #bulletjournal, #bujocommunity, or #bulletjournalideas. I’ve discovered some of my favorite bullet journal artists like @zainabullet, @bulletwithe, and @miloe.joanne since scrolling through my Explore page. After finding inside pages I hope to try in the future, I typically save the ones I love in a folder called “Bullet Journal Inspiration”.

To summarize:

  • Follow bullet journal community hashtags.
  • Keep a folder of your favorites.
  • Follow creator hashtags.

For all your bullet journal creations, be sure to tag #bellabullet so I can feature your work on my Instagram feed.

Keep a bullet journal inspiration board on Pinterest

Pinterest is also another great platform because it’s a completely visual search engine and shows great seasonal inside pages when you type something specific into the search bar. Whenever I’ve felt particularly in the mood to create something based on a holiday, season, or special occasion, Pinterest is my favorite place to look.

All of my bullet journal creations are saved on my #bellabullet Bullet Journal Ideas Pinterest board, but I typically save all of my other favorites into another board called Bullet Journal Ideas. Feel free to follow either one if you need some seasonal inspiration.

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Find bullet journal communities on Reddit or Facebook

If you need some inspiration as a beginner, there are bullet journal communities or discussion-based platforms like Reddit or Facebook Groups. r/bulletjournal has lots of resources for beginners and trending inside page spread ideas, so it’s a great place to see what’s new in the bullet journal communities. If you need help with bullet journal tips, find top bullet journal tips for beginners in this blog post.

I personally enjoy scrolling through Facebook communities like Bullet Journals for Beginners to find stationery tools & recommendations for beginners.

One More Recommendation

Another popular place that people like to find bullet journal inspiration is YouTube. I’m personally not big on YouTube when it comes to bullet journaling, because I’ve found a routine where I like bullet journaling alone with this Rainy Day Jazz Spotify playlist, but if you need some bullet journal how-to tutorials, YouTube can also be a great place to look.

I’m so curious to know your favorite places to find bullet journal inspiration. What’s your favorite place to look for inspiration? Am I missing out on YouTube? Let me know in the comments of this post.

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