Get the Look: Kate Middleton’s Hair

Sick of hearing about Middleton yet? After seeing countless photos of newly-wed duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, in different magazines, on newsstands, and TV, I think the one thing that stood out most was her flawless hair. Many magazines and websites have done articles and posts just featuring her gorgeous, brown hair and the many accessories she is able to pull off. The “Middleton Mane” is in.
{The Engagement}

 Three words that describe it? Classic, bouncy, and full. Who doesn’t want that? It embodies healthy-looking hair that’s sophisticated, sleek, and styled, but not over-the-top.

The Cut: Ask your stylist for long, flowy layers, lots of movement and simple bangs that frame the face. It’s definitely nothing new to us and some poeple might say it’s boring, but it is timeless and quite low-maintenance.

Typical Styling: An everyday, easy, breezy blowout. Try a classic volume blow-dry with a round brush enhanced with a shine serum to get her glossy, bouncy bends and full-bodied hair. (How-to here.)

More Looks: We can see Kate loves using bold accessories, such as different hats, headbands, fascinators (mix of both!), and feathers. Add a little elegance and try something new and different by finding similar accessories for less to get her royal hair looks.

Mad Hatter
{Saucer Hat}
{Wispy Feathers}

{Going French with a beret}


{More feathers)

{In a fun, flirty fascinator}

(All pictures came from here.)

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