Hello From Hong Kong!

Hello, everyone! After a more than 14-hour flight, I arrived safely from L.A. to Hong Kong at around 6 this morning, Hong Kong time. My morning here has been quite the stay already and thank goodness for no jet lag (yet). I’m fighting to stay awake through the 15 hour time difference from California. Despite the sticky weather and the heavy rain right now, I was excited to already see mountains and lots of boats in the dock and parts of the skyline. I’m looking forward to lots of eats, sights, shopping. A quick look inside my morning:

And a little bit of love at first sight here:

I absolutely adore E’s blog Refined Couture for her knowledge, advice, and tips about fashion and makeup. She explains everything she loves and I can easily relate to her sense of girly, classic style. Check her out!  

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