How-To: 10 Day-Wear Vintage Floral and Stripes Nails

I love being able to update a manicure and wear it longer without taking anything off. I had different nail looks for over a week, and they all looked as good as new with a few quick updates. Of course these nails can last longer than 10 days, but that’s just depending when you want to change up the looks and how much chipping bothers you. Here are the polishes I used:

Left to right: China Glaze For Audrey, Wet N Wild Dreamy Poppy, Kiss Nail Art Paint in White, Pure ICE Creme Wild Thing

Days 1-2: Two coats of base color.

{This was actually from a previous post. I did not take a picture of my most recent For Audrey nails, which probably explains the different nail shape.}

Days 3-4: Add stripes to desired nails (I chose my thumb and ring finger.)

Days 5-7: Add flowers on the striped nails! I had so many people asking how I did the vintage-looking flower nails or if nails wear stickers. (How-to for the flowers: here. I absolutely love her blog, so go check it out!) I chose just my thumb.

I have people ask all the time how I make the two-toned flowers. I like the head of pins, because they’re bigger, but a dotting tool can work, too. Just dip it in the middle of the two polishes and dot away!

Days 8-10: Add flowers on any chipping nails. It’s an easy way to cover up flaws without having to re-paint.

These nails are fun, and they’re a super easy way to update an old manicure!

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