How to Create a Great Desk Set Up for College

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How to Create a Great Desk Set Up for College -

My desk set up in college used to be my favorite place to work. Now that virtual learning has become the new norm, a comfortable place to study is a must-have for your home. Here are three simple steps for how you can create your own Pinterest-worthy desk set-up at home:

Desk Set Up Step 1: Choose a dedicated area

Now that there’s little separation between school and your life, it’s important to dedicate space where you can just do school. I’ve been working from home for a few months now. As much as I’ve loved it (more on that here), it’s been hard to shut off work without giving myself some guardrails for where/when I do work and other things.

Even though you’re a student right now, you have a life outside school too. Give yourself space to just do school, so you can live well outside your studying and virtual classes.

Desk Set Up Step 2: Optimize your space for the best productivity

Visualize a space where you feel most productive. What did it look like? Is there a possibility you could bring similar elements into your own space?

For me, I love working in places with some white noise and a lot of sunlight. The first place that comes to mind is a coffee shop in Austin called Fleet. It smells like freshly-ground coffee beans and natural light pours through a big window. For you, this could look completely different.

Unfortunately, my place doesn’t allow me to have all the sunlight I want. Even though it’s not the same, I can compensate with extra desk lighting. I also don’t have access to white noise, but I did find an alternative online. It’s called Rainy Cafe, and it mimics the sound of a coffee shop with the option to add rain.

Find what works for you from good seating, the amount of space in front of you, and the light and noise around you.

Step 3: Keep your space uncluttered

Nothing makes me feel more distracted than random doodads in front of me. Keep the things you need at your space and put away the things you don’t need. I personally like to keep a big glass of water, a pen, Post-Its, and physical notebook outside my laptop—not much else. Keep only the things you need on your desk, so your space doesn’t feel cluttered. After all, there are things that need to be done!

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