How to Decorate a Pinboard

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How to Decorate a Pinboard | The Bella Insider
Besides my bed, my desk is easily the most important area of my college dorm room. It’s where I do my homework, put on my makeup, and write down alllll the things on my to-do list for the day. My space around me greatly affects my productivity, so it has to be neat, tidy, and happy, too! With that in mind, this Arch Pinboard in Gold helps me keep my favorite things at hand and showcases fun things to look at while I work.

Decorating a dorm space can be challenging. I love that popular wedding day saying where the bride should wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. When it comes to decorating my room, I follow a similar notion of “something old, something new, something personal, and happy too.” With this fun saying, here are some things I love to keep on my pinboard:
How to Decorate a Pinboard | The Bella Insider
1. Cards and Photos
The most obvious things to put on a pinboard, of course! I’m all about snail mail, so I love showing off some of my favorite colorful card designs on my board. I also enjoy keeping around some of my favorite pictures to look back on old memories while I work.
How to Decorate a Pinboard | The Bella Insider
2. Degree Plan/Class Schedule
My engineering department offers a flowchart of our degree plan, and I love having a physical copy around to easily plan out my semester schedules and track my progress for graduation. Also, for something not as “exciting” as the other things, why not make it colorful?!
How to Decorate a Pinboard | The Bella Insider
3. Planner Goodies
Fun fact: I love planner items. Stickers, washi tape, page markers, you name it. I showcase some of my most-used items on my pinboard, because they’re equally pretty as they are functional.
4. Flashcards
Ever seen those flashcard sets with a ring to hold the cards together? Hanging a current flashcard set up on my board helps me easily see where it is to work at my desk. No excuses to not study here!
How to Decorate a Pinboard | The Bella Insider
5. Jewelry
I also found that my pinboard as a great way to keep my favorite jewelry pieces at hand. Since my desk doubles as a vanity, I love that I can easily reach for my most-worn necklaces and earrings before heading out.
Also, just a few helpful pointers! Many dorms don’t allow making holes in the walls or even certain kinds of tape on the walls, so consider using temporary hooks (I love these hooks!) or leaning items on shelves and desks.
These are just a few of the things that I keep on my board, but I’m curious: is there anything special you keep on yours? Also, if you’re moving into a college dorm room soon, what’s one thing you’re excited about for your room?

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  1. 5.14.20
    roombodi said:

    Love the idea of using jewelry to add some texture to the pin board! It’s so much more exciting than just using flat paper mementos, like photos.