How to Find a Great Senior Photographer

in your budget, look, and style
How to Find a Great Senior Photographer -

Is working with your mom’s friend the only way how to find a senior photographer? It doesn’t have to be! I highly recommend finding a photographer that suits your style, look, and budget. Here are a few ways how you can find a great senior photographer around your local area:

How to Find a Senior Photographer: Find Your Style

Figure out what you want your senior photos to look like and make an inspiration board. If you figure out what you like, you’re more likely to end up with photos that don’t have you awkwardly resting your hands on your face or sitting in a pose you wouldn’t naturally be in.

Don’t even know what you like? What looks good to you? What poses do you like? Which poses do you not want to do? Save pictures on Instagram or search Pinterest. As a photographer myself, I’m constantly saving inspiration and ideas for seniors, so follow me on Pinterest if you need some ideas.

How to Find a Great Senior Photographer: Know Your Budget

Many photographers don’t immediately list pricing on their website. This could be for a few reasons: 1) they don’t want to scare you off their high prices or 2) they don’t want competitors knowing how much they charge.

Figure out a budget that works for you or your senior. Most photographers range between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, but you don’t have to spend thousands for great senior photos. If the only options in your area cost an arm and a leg, consider a few options from this list.

Head to Instagram

Most seasoned and reputable senior photographers are on Instagram. To this date, it’s the most preferred social media platform to showcase their work. Ask a friend who took their photos or search up the following hashtags like:


For example, I live in Austin, so I would search up #austinseniorphotographer, #austinseniorportraits, and #austinphotographer. Save their photos in a folder and reach out to them via DM or Instagram.

Vet Your Photographer Options

I recommend finding a handful photographer options you like and reach out with the following message:

Hi [Photographer’s Name],

It’s great to e-meet you. I’m looking to get portraits done for my graduation this [Fall/Spring Graduation Year]. May I have your pricing and details for a typical senior session?

Thank you,

[Your Name]

If none of them come back with a price point you’re looking for, consider trying one of the options in this post: I Can’t Afford Senior Photos. What Should I Do?.

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