How To Get Beachy Waves on Medium Length Hair

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easy messy beach waves on medium length hair
Shorter hair has been quite the experience for me! There are some days where I just love it, and there are other days where I wish I could hide it in a ponytail! After experimenting for the past couple months, I discovered that messy, beachy waves are my favorite way to style my new medium length hair. Fortunately, it also doesn’t take very long either! With just fifteen minutes and the help of some great hair products and tools from, I’m left with easy, beachy waves, and the style lasts for up to three days with a few tricks! Let’s get started!

medium length beachy waves
I try to stay suuupppeerr low-maintenance about my hair care routine. In a small college dorm space, there’s not a lot of room for clutter and an overflow of products on the bathroom countertop. (Anyone guilty of that?) Here are the products I use on a regular basis: It’s a “10” Miracle Hair MaskIt’s a “10” Miracle Leave-InCHI AIR Ceramic Flat IronCHI Miss Universe Hair DryerDuckbill Metal ClipsTeasing BrushLuxury Cushion Brush.
easy beach waves on medium length hair
The first thing I do after coming out of the shower is dry my hair with the CHI Miss Universe Hair Dryer on the highest speed setting. This baby is under $80, and it’s fool-proof! I love the long cord and how quickly this hair dryer does the job.
chi blowdryer
For added volume, I like to flip my head upside down then blast my hair with the cool air setting.
it's a 10 miracle leave-in product review
After my hair is completely dry, I part my hair with the end of a teasing brush and brush my hair with my favorite hair brush to smooth out any tangles. Next, I spray the It’s a “10” Miracle Leave-In throughout my hair as a heat protectant. This stuff smells amazing, and I love how it leaves your hair all glossy!
chi hair straighter medium length beachy waves
Next, I use the CHI AIR Ceramic Flat Iron to add messy beach waves to my medium length hair. The trick is to separate your hair using trusty duckbill clips and work from the bottom to the top, alternating the direction you turn the flat iron to create more natural-looking waves. I also like to leave the ends out for a piece-y, more textured feel, but honestly, don’t take it too seriously! It’s meant to be fun and a tad messy!
how to get easy medium length beach waves
Travel tip: bring a flat iron on your trips instead of multiple styling tools! A flat iron has the ability to straighten and curl hair, so you can double duty and save space. Funny story…you can also use it to smooth out clothing wrinkles in a pinch. I’ve done it before, and it works! Triple duty!
easy beach waves medium length hair
After creating the beachy waves with the flat iron, I tousle my hair between my fingers and spritz a few more sprays of the leave-in conditioner. I can’t get enough! 
it's a 10 miracle hair mask
And we’re done! This style usually lasts two to three days on my hair, but if I feel like the waves need a bit of help, I’ll go back in with the flat iron and wave random sections of hair – nothing serious! After those few days, I love following up with a It’s a “10” Miracle Hair Mask to make sure my hair is nourished and hydrated again, especially with the summer heat!
how to get easy beach waves medium length hair
I hope you friends enjoyed getting a peek behind these medium length beachy waves! It’s been a long time coming for a new hair style post on the blog. Please do let me know if you have any questions or would like to see another part of my “beauty routine”. Thank you again to for sponsoring this post, and thank YOU for making The Bella Insider a part of your day. I can’t wait to see you back here very, very soon! 

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