How-To: Get the Red Out and Reduce the Size of Pimples

My skin is far from perfect and lately for some reason, my skin has been deciding to go crazy with blemishes. I learned a tip about a year ago that has helped temporarily get the red out and reduce the size and swelling of pimples. It might sound a little crazy, but it has helped me as well as many others who also know this old trick.

To get started, I recommend getting a redness reliever eyedrop. My favorite is the original Visine shown below:

Visine constricts blood vessels in eyes to “Get The Red Out” as it says on the package. Same applies to the skin. I carry Visine around in case of a small emergency and I’ll drop it right on a tissue and hold the tissue to the affected area for a minute or two.
If I’m at home, I will go ahead and take Q-tips, drop a couple drop on each head of the Q-tip, and stick them in the freezer for at least 30 minutes. Once cold, you can roll the Q-tip over the pimple. The cold Q-tip will temporarily reduce redness as well as the size of the pimple by again restricting the vessels that cause inflammation. Perfect before trying to conceal a blemish. Good luck!

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