How-To: Make Your Own Inexpensive Flower Hair Accessory

I’ve mentioned my love for flowers in some previous posts (here. Oh, and also here), but about two years ago, I watched beauty guru, “itsjudytime“, on Youtube show how to make a do-it-yourself flower hair accessory (Video here). The look she did with the flower was very pretty and the accessory even seemed too simple to be doing a video on, but I’m all for easy craft projects and dressing up hair with small things, so I wanted to make sure and share it here.

-fake flower bouquet (Many are less than $1)
-a bobby pin (I like larger-sized ones better, but the smaller ones will do fine.)

1. Take a small bouquet of faux flowers (at any craft store or even Wal-Mart or Target) and pluck off a flower that you like. It should pop off very easily. I like this lilac-colored one:

2. Make sure you have the green nub thing at the end where your flower was attached to the stem!

3. Open up a bobby pin and slide the green nub of the flower all the way down to the base of the pin. It should be very secure. Move it around all you want.

4. That’s it. Really.

Stick this flower into a low side bun, a ponytail, a braid, you name it. I like sticking it into this look for an alternative accessory. It’s really simple, cheap, and a great way to use fake flowers besides putting them in vases.

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