How-To: Tiffany and Co. Nails

{Tiffany Nails}

Something about the color of Tiffany and Co.’s boxes and bags makes girls (including me) so giddy and excited. I don’t really know if it’s the iconic robin’s egg blue color, or if it’s the jewelry waiting inside that makes girls so happy, but personally, I just love turquoise. I loved the idea of having it right on my fingertips, but of course since it had to be trademarked, it was very hard to find an almost identical match, but after searching high and low, I came across China Glaze’s For Audrey, a beautiful blue creme dedicated to Audrey Hepburn, and another similar color, Essie’s Turquoise and Caicos, a creamy aqua color resembling Turks and Caicos’s gorgeous waters. Though both aren’t identical to “Tiffany blue” (as one is not as bright and the other is too green), they came close enough to make me happy. I favored the China Glaze one, but “Turquoise and Caicos” is on my wishlist! Anyways, enough rambling. This was the look I came up with:

It was honestly very simple. Just took a few lines, strokes, and drying time.
This is what I used:

{China Glaze’s For Audrey ($6); Kiss Nail Art Paint in White ($3)}

1. Go ahead a paint two coats of the base color.

2. (Optional) If you’re unsure about you line-painting abilities, use french tip stickers (or even Scotch tape!) to tape up your nails like this:

3. Make one horizontal line on each nail avoiding whatever nails you want to do bows on. Paint whatever thickness your heart desires. Draw two connecting, horizontal “()”s to make the “bow shape” on whatever nail(s) you want, then make two strokes that protrude outwards like strings would. I picked my ring finger for the accent nail. (Tip: Practice a few lines on a scrap sheet of paper first.)

5. Make straight lines coming out of the bow to look like a wrapped present!

The finished look:

It’s not perfect, but I love looking at these nails. Turquoise will always be a favorite of mine (and will also be one of the harder color names to spell). Tell me any requests you have for nail looks!

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    Fada said:
  3. 6.15.12

    I came across a post comparing all the "Tiffany's blue" polish and Essie's Turquoise and Caicos came the closes. But from looking at your picture, For Audrey is pretty darn close too! I'm going to add that to my wish list. Anyways, I recently did a Tiffany's Inspired nail art with Julep's Robin polish. I would love it if you dropped by my blog and check it out!


  4. 11.10.12

    Lovely! Essie, by the way, has a (new?) color called "Where's My Chauffer" that, when held up to my Tiffany boxes, is an almost exact match. Any tips for those of us right-handed painters who want to paint a design ON our right hands? I mean, other than getting our nails professionally done, of course. 😉

  5. 4.12.13
    Sarah said:

    Hello, steelerbear! I recently stumbled across this post again and I realized that I had not replied to your comment yet. I sincerely apologize for that! Thank you for informing me about Essie's new color. I believe the simplest way to paint designs on your right hand is to stabilize your left arm by resting it against the edge of a table while doing the design. When painting lines, I also find it helpful to rotate my right hand rather than having to move my left. Best wishes! 🙂