“It’s a Lazy Day” Hair

I don’t know about you, but I honestly detest doing my hair sometimes. It’s amazing to think that people think I spend so much time on it when truly, I don’t. The amount of time I spend doing my hair is minimal. These days, I’ve been leaving it down and straight the way it looks like when I wake up after I wash and condition the night before. Sometimes I’m even too lazy to brush in the morning. (Don’t worry. It usually passes my “decent hair” test before I leave the house.) I’ve always wanted messy, beachy, bedhead waves, but I’ve learned to understand we all want what we can’t have, and I’ve embraced the fact I am lucky to have straight hair because many girls wish to wake up without doing anything to it. I’ve seen that it’s a blessing in disguise and I’m truly thankful for that. On days when I don’t want to do anything special, it usually stays down with a braid that takes my outgrown bangs/fringe off my face like this:

I’m sure everyone has seen something like this before. A 1-inch braid tied off with a clear elastic and pinned back with a bobby pin. It’s something I’ve learned to master in less than 45 seconds flat, which is pretty handy if I’m rushing out of the house or my hair needs a quick update or fix during the day. Here I’m wearing a green bow, but what’s great is I can put any hair accessory to dress it up and make it look a little less boring. Do you have any quick, easy hair that gets you out the door in less than a minute? Tell me!

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