January Favorites

{Big Bear tubing fun in my favorite Uniqlo travel-friendly packable coat}

My January started out on a high: fun travels, good eats, and great friends. After over a month of being away from school, it was difficult coming back. There were so many adjustments I had to make for this semester. I just recently bought a bike, so I’ve been trying to navigate all the bike lanes on campus and learn how to lock the bike up as quickly as possible. I also have a MWF class schedule which means it’s up to me to keep my Tuesdays and Thursdays as productive as possible. It can be really difficult considering I love my mornings in bed! I’m just now getting back into the swing of things, but I’m hopeful that this will be my best semester yet. Here are some things that I loved this month:

{the softest, airiest, best nightie I’ve ever worn to sleep}
{most messy, but memorable dinner I had in Seattle, WA: a homemade seafood feast}
{the only eye products I’ve been using: yummy-smelling eye cream, my reliable lash curler, and the best brow pencil}
{catching up with one of my best friends from home over early morning breakfast}

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