July Favorites

bougainvillea in Downtown Los Angeles | The Bella Insider

stacked pink bougainvillea in Downtown Los Angeles

Well, hello! It’s been a long few weeks away from The Bella Insider! How have you been? I was super excited to write this month’s monthly favorites. With lots of new friends around here that are unfamiliar with my “monthly favorites”, this series on the site is not only a way for me to share some of my most memorable moments/products/sights of the month, but it’s also a way for me to chat with y’all a bit and get you caught up on real life happenings.

I had quite the month in sunny California fighting two colds and a stomach bug! Despite the sicknesses, I was able to focus on myself, make sweet memories with friends, and regain sight + re-prioritize my life before going back to school. Many of you have been keeping up with my travels via the hashtag #SawahInCali, and I so appreciate that I was able to chat with y’all there. July is always such a bittersweet month for me, because it’s my favorite time of the year, but it also marks the end of summer break. Considering this is probably my last real summer break ever, it was extra bittersweet! 

Although I’m still partial to our Texas skies, the Southern California sunsets were a beautiful reminder to slow down and reflect on things to be thankful for during the day. But note to self before my next West-coast trip: bring more sunscreen! My legs are tanner than they’ve been in many, many years! With August already in full-swing, college move-in is fast-approaching and the back-to-school excitement and nerves are kicking in! Be sure to stay tuned, because lots of new and exciting content and announcements are coming your way. Until then, I can’t let these photos from July go unnoticed. (Better late than never, right?) Here we go with some of my favorites: 

pink sunset in Huntington Beach, CA | The Bella Insider

dreamy Huntington Beach sunsets
Vancouver ladies | The Bella Insider
Unexpectedly meeting @chuuenen + @xoxchu: the fashion/travel/food-loving sister duo from Vancouver  
Arlington Gardens | The Bella Insider

beautiful, stowed-away Arlington Garden in Pasadena, CA 
Huntington Beach | The Bella Insider
clear skies + blue waters perfect for surfing and boogie boarding
Huntington Beach | The Bella Insider

cotton candy skies after the Vans US Open of Surfing

I’m excited to be back home, y’all. There’s nothing like sleeping and waking up in your own bed! Be sure to check back this week for some new beauty and fashion posts and some extra exciting announcements on my Instagram. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. 8.18.16
    Bella B said:

    I think I need to head to Huntington Beach…that sunset is amazing!!

  2. 8.18.16
    Sarah said:

    You totally do! The waves are incredible, too! XO, Sarah