Love at First Sight

MAC Cremeblend Blush in Posey

My love for cream blush has grown over the past year. On my previous trip, I had gone to the MAC counter and found this blush. I have been to the MAC store twice after encountering Posey, and I find myself always reaching for it and swatching. On the website, it’s described as a “warm peach”. The pigmentation of this blush is insane for a cream. I tapped my finger in there and still got a lot of color after blending. It blended really well for a smooth finish and natural flush, and this is now past NARS Luxor and Exhibit A on my wishlist.

Kimchi Blue Cutaway Cardigan Jacket

I actually bought this blazer-looking cardigan a week ago and had an abrupt urge to return it. Now that I look back, I kind of regret it because I love the look of this cardigan sweater and it looks as functional as it is stylish. With an 80’s vibe and loose feel, it’s a great summer cardigan for cooler nights. It also looks like it could work as a transition piece from spring to summer to fall. Ok, I regret returning it.

And Mary Necklace in Wonderland

Of course anything that has to do with dessert is going to draw my attention, especially if it has to do with jewelry. This necklace is so adorable, whimsical, and dainty and it comes with a removable round ball lid to reveal faux sweet treats like pink sugar or chocolate chip cookies inside. I absolutely love this necklace.

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