March Favorites

Asian-inspired chicken salad – a regular

Again, many apologies for not being here to update y’all. March was such a hectic and busy month. On the bright side, spring finally started making an appearance. I’ve never experienced the true meaning of a “spring shower” (maybe more like a spring pour) until last month where we experienced random appearances of rain – drizzles, downpours, and everything in between. In Texas, you never know what you’re gonna get. Including peacocks on the road.

Skin saver for the past month: LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetic
View of the carnival from the sky lift at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 
After seeing this, we decided to make our own Hunger Games confectionery.
A wrong turn onto a street and this is our discovery. 

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  1. 4.3.12
    Unknown said:

    That salad looks so yummy! I'm starting a healthy kick so I'll give it a go!