March Favorites

Does anyone else feel like this year is flying by? March was a definitely a busy month for me! From hustling around at the Margot Blair Floral studio, and studying for exams, to traveling to Chicago and attending SXSW events, there was much to be grateful for last month. Since April basically marks the last few weeks of my spring semester, I’m looking forward even more to finishing off this year and starting my summer. I’m also super excited to share some new things on the blog with you soon. Stay tuned! Here are some of my favorite things from March:

Margot Blair Floral Margot Minis
{Margot Blair Floral “Margot Minis” in progress}
Spornette Hair Brush
{This Spornette hairbrush…it’s amazing. It feels like a scalp massage every time I use it.}
The University of Texas at Austin is beautiful in the spring!
{campus blooms}
Torchy's Tacos in Austin, TX
{Catching up with old friends over tacos at Torchy’s}
Hump Day at UT
{Hehe…this picture I took a few days ago doesn’t fail to put  me in a good mood} 

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  1. 4.1.16
    Unknown said:

    I use a Spornette brush too and it really does feel like the best head massage. Also that camel photo is hilarious and I love it.

  2. 4.1.16
    Unknown said:

    Those pictures are gorgeous! I love the unique perspective on the camels hahaha, definitely a one of a kind picture to brighten the day

  3. 4.1.16
    Gemma said:

    Such beautiful photos! Loved this post. Gemma x

  4. 4.4.16
    Sarah said:

    The Spornette brush is awesome! I have become a little bit obsessed with brushing my hair. :P XO, Sarah

  5. 4.4.16
    Sarah said:

    Thanks, Paige! I quite enjoyed their stance, too. :P Thanks for reading! XO, Sarah

  6. 4.4.16
    Sarah said:

    Thanks for reading, Gemma! XO, Sarah