My Colorful Holiday Gift Guide

full of gifts I love and personally use

Holiday gifting can be a bit of a nightmare. There are so many thoughts that come to my mind when it comes to finding a great gift for someone else.

“Will they like this gift? Will they even use this? Is this a good price? What’s the return policy?”

Over the years, I’ve learned that gift-giving is just another skill that requires a bit of muscle memory. The holidays are the perfect time to reflect on the amazing things I’ve personally been gifted. It’s also a great time to consider purchases I’ve made in the last year that have positively impacted my life! Below I’ve rounded up my favorite things I’ve gifted or bought for myself in the last year. I hope it helps as you’re thinking about gift ideas for other people in your life.

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My Colorful Holiday Gift Guide |

I know how overwhelming gifting can get, especially when it comes to the world of bullet journaling and stationery. I’ve rounded up a few top gifts for bullet journal lovers, so you can gift with ease and get them something I’ll know they will love. Click the links to shop or head to The Bella Insider Amazon Store for more.

Orly Color Labs Gift Card

Orly Color Labs Gift Card

Know a nail polish junkie? Give them an experience they’ll remember by gifting credit to create their very own custom nail polish. They’ll connect with a nail polish mixer to create, customize, and name their own nail polish. I’ll personally be making my own polish to commemorate important moments in my life!

Hill House Bath Robe Rainbow Trim

Hill House Bath Robe

This 100% cotton bathrobe is cozy, fluffy, and everything you think a bathrobe should be. I love the whimsical rainbow trim for a pop of color. I wear mine all the time.

Colorful Holiday Gift Guide | Cirque Colors Advent Colors Holiday Gift

Cirque Colors Advent Calendar

Cirque Colors nail polishes quickly dominated my nail polish shelf this year. The brand is AAPI-owned, and I love all the interesting colors that are dreamt and created in the limited-edition and permanent lines. This Advent Calendar Kit is a great introduction to their festive colors.

Burlap Bag Sleepy Squad Candle

The Burlap Bag Candles

This darling Austin brand makes my favorite candles. I’ve been buying their candles for 4+ years, and even when I try other candles, I always come back to The Burlap Bag. They’re hand-poured from high-quality soy wax and each candle lasts me 70+ hours of burn-time. My personal favorites I re-purchase and gift: Sleepy Squad, Spoonful of Cereal, and Baked Bread.

Blush Bala Bangles Holiday Gift

Bala Bangles

Perfect for the fitness queen, this is the definition of “don’t need”, but “nice to have”. You can buy a pair of ankle weights anywhere, but these Bala Bangles are so colorful and fun! I use them on walks, workouts, and random chores around the house.

SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror Trio

SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror Trio

This is the most “adult” purchase I think I own. This amazing mirror makes me feel oh-so-powerful when I walk by and it automatically lights up.

Colorful Holiday Gift Guide | Amazon Zak Designs Confetti Mixing Bowls

Zak Designs Confetti Mixing Bowls

Know an Alison Roman fan that watches her Home Movie videos like church? Her confetti mixing bowls always steal the show for me. These confetti mixing bowls add a fun pop of color the next time your loved one is cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Colorful Holiday Gift Guide | Kara Cotta Mug 24K Gold

Kara Cotta Mug

Add a little color to your morning with a beautiful, gold-lined mug from Kara Cotta Ceramics. She’s based in Austin, and her creations make me smile whenever I see her products in Austin coffee shops and local markets. I also love the Everyday Cup with subtle rainbow!

Purple Harmony Pillow

Purple Harmony Pillow

Supportive and cooling, my Purple Harmony Pillow has made me become one of those “I bring my pillow when I travel” kind of people. Yes, I’m now one of them.

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