My Everyday Makeup Favorites

Happy Tuesday, y’all! As many of you know, us college students don’t get a lot of sleep. I really enjoy doing my makeup, but I typically now spend a max of 20 minutes getting ready from stumbling out of my bed to getting out of the door. For that reason, I have become a huge proponent of fast, easy, and blendable makeup. I use my fingers to apply my makeup on a typical school day. (It’s also because I’m too lazy to wash brushes. Hehee.) Below are my all-time favorites that I keep in one small pouch apart from my other makeup. Feel free to click on each product to shop.

Image Map

1. CC Cream (I use the shade “Light Medium”) 2. Concealer (“Custard”) 3. Brow Pencil (“Granite”) 4. Mascara 5. Eye Cream 6. Blush (“Pink Escape”) 7. Lip Balm (more favorites here)

Let me know your beauty favorites for every day wear. I love trying out new products!

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