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My Favorite Snacks from H-E-B
Here’s what usually goes down in my dorm room in the afternoons: I come home around 4 p.m. from a long day of classes, drop my backpack on the ground, kick off my shoes, and walk straight to my mini fridge and basket of snacks. Please tell me I’m not alone – I’m always in need of food mid-afternoon! I typically get super hungry before dinner, and eating afternoon snacks while studying has been a consistent habit of mine since elementary school. In my “What I Eat in a Day” post last summer, I told y’all that I try my best to keep fruits and vegetables around, and while that’s still the case, there are just a few yummy things that I really can’t pass up. So, I’ve teamed up with my favorite local Texas grocery store, H-E-B, to show you some of my favorite snacks for the school year! If you’re curious to know what I’m munching on while studying or need some new snacks to write down on your grocery list, hopefully this post will give you some fresh ideas!

Cheese and Crackers from H-E-B
Wafer Thin Crackers | Cubed Jalapeno Pepper Jack | Brie Cheese

Since I can remember, cheese and crackers have consistently been my all-time favorite go-to snack. I love these wafer thin crackers, because they’re super light, crispy, and go well with anything and everything! I also typically have two types of cheeses in the fridge: a cubed sort for the convenience of grabbing a few at a time in the afternoon with my crackers, as well as a wedge of brie when I’m feeling indulgent at night. My favorite after-dinner treat.
Crudites and Hummus H-E-B
Fresh fruits and veggies are the things I reach for most when it comes to snacking! They’re easy to carry along in portable containers, and they’re just downright yummy, in my opinion! I love veggies with lots of color, so baby carrots are a must-have in my mini fridge. And what makes them even better? The Mediterranean Chef’s “grandma’s humus”. It’s a game-changer. I’m only ever able to find it at H-E-B, and I do a little happy dance every time I see it and put it in my shopping cart!
Skinny Pop Popcorn | The Bella Insider
When I’m craving something crunchy, and I can’t justify eating a bag of chips, popcorn is my answer! I love that the store carries individual portions of Skinny Pop, because let’s be honest. I get so carried away studying that I just mindlessly munch for a long while! I love that these individual bags act as built-in portion control, and I’m forced to stop once I reach the bottom.
Daelmans Stroopwafels The Bella Insider
I was so, so excited the first time I found these little caramel guys in stores, because I’m not kidding, they’re so good. They’re soft, chewy, and the perfect amount of sweetness! Plus, they do something a little bit surprising when you put ’em over a hot coffee or tea. I won’t ruin the surprise, and I’ll let you experience it for yourself. I promise they’re some of the best store-bought cookies ever!
Strawberries and Homemade Vanilla Blue Bell Ice Cream The Bella Insider
And to end everything, let’s not forget the ice cream. I usually try to salvage one pint for every 10 days, but last week was a rough one. Three exams and late night study sessions call for lots of ice cream. My favorite flavors are the ones above, but have y’all tried the new Cookie Two Step Flavor? It’s a mix of chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate crème filled cookies, and y’all, I don’t know what they did to that flavor, but I think it’s topped my list of favorite Blue Bell flavors! Thank goodness I can always find it when I visit H-E-B.
I hope this gave y’all an idea of what’s typical in my snack basket and mini fridge. I forgot to mention, I also have a jar of Vegemite around when I’m craving some buttered toast, but that might just be the Australian in me. I hope y’all have some new snack ideas to try! I’m so curious: what do you buy yourself for snacks, and is there anything I need to try? I’m all ears for new snack recommendations!

Thank you to H-E-B for sponsoring this post and making The Bella Insider possible. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. 10.15.16
    Kim said:

    My go to snack is carrots and hummus too! When I was living in the dorms, it was the quickest and healthiest snack option to have while I was doing my readings or writing my essays. I'll have to pick up those waffle cookies next time I'm at the store!

    -Kim 🙂

  2. 10.26.16
    DTKAustin said:

    Love those pants! Super cute and comfortable!