Review: Bio-Oil (Magic in a Bottle)

I have to admit, something about going to drugstores, like Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy, is always so thrilling to me. There are just so many things to see. All the items just neatly lined up and the good deals you can get on prodcts is exciting. I know I could spend over an hour at the beauty section. I hope I’m not the only one. I was doing some quick shoppping the other day with my mom the other day at Walgreens, and she happened to find Bio-Oil:

I was pretty skeptical about the product, only because I’ve already gone through so many scar treatments to help heal previous surgery scars and scars from ditziness/clumsiness/klutziness, and anything of the like. This one claimed to help rid the appearance of scars, as well as improve:
– stretch marks
– uneven skin tone
– aging skin
– dehydrated skin
That’s a lot! My mom told me to at least give it try even if I wasn’t convinced yet because she had heard a lot of praise for Bio-Oil.
Boy, was she right. Though it was somewhat pricey, after using this product for a couple of weeks, it has drastically improved my skin. It moisturized my dry, sensitive skin and even the redness from my eczema has improved. I found I could use it on my face, too! It helped pimple scarring (hyper-pigmentation) and also helped moisturize the dry skin on my cheeks.
It’s a light oil that absorbs quickly into the skin and only a few drops are needed for a specific area. It smells really relaxing, like chamomile and lavender.

Ways to Use Bio-Oil:
– Dot your finger in your favorite blush, blend it in with a drop of Bio-Oil, and apply it using your fingers for moisturized, dewy cheeks.
– Massage a couple drops on to scars and stretch marks at night. Skin will absorb the oil while you sleep.
-Replace it as your facial moisturizer every other night.
– Massage the oil on to skin after showering. Skin absorbs the oil more easily.
– Put Bio-Oil across cheekbones, down legs, and arms for a sheen that’s super pretty.

For more information and testimonials on Bio-Oil, click here.

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