Review: The Original Moroccan Oil

I picked up Moroccan Oil on a whim after my haircut about a month ago. If able, I always buy new things in smaller sizes for a couple reasons:
1) If I don’t like the product, I won’t waste a full-size.
2) I can always get the full-size later if I like the product and take the smaller one for travel. 
I have thick hair that I wish to donate in a few months. Any type of styling product that will keep my hair looking healthy while it’s long is important to me. The original Moroccan Oil looks like this:

This hair treatment contains argan oil, which many of you may know, a very treasured oil in Morocco popularly used for hair and skin.

I first have to say this product is definitely a splurge if you buy full-size, but the bottle will last you forever because you use so little of it each time. I also have to say it smells so good. It smells naturally sweet, and not overbearing.
After using Moroccan Oil daily for about a month, I’ve seen silky and frizz-free hair every day and it even feels healthier. Moroccan Oil claims to “revive hair”, “strengthen and condition”, and also “improve drying time”. I truly believe everything this product promises and more. It detangles, hydrates, and leaves hair feeling unbelievably soft.
Application is really easy. A dime-size amount is enough to cover my long hair and you just rub it through your hands and apply it to the lower shaft of damp hair and comb what’s remaining on my hands  through roots. My hair is looking very healthy lately:

I’m very glad I was recommended this product and hope everyone has a chance to at least try out the product.

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