Review: Viva La Juicy Perfume

{Viva La Juicy $87 for 3.4 oz.}

Viva La Juicy Eau de Parfum was Juicy Couture’s second perfume to come out in 2008 after their original. Young girls and women alike love this scent and it’s one of Juicy’s most popular fragrances. I bought the smallest size (the roll-on version) of this perfume mostly because it’s pricey and I wanted to see how much I liked it first before I even thought about buying any type of full-version. The rollerball looks like this:

{Viva La Juicy $18 for .25 oz.}
Viva La Juicy is essentially an overly sweet, sugar-coated fruity floral. It has fruit notes of wild berries, mandarins, some honeysuckle, gardenia, and jasmine floral notes, and sugary notes of caramel, vanilla, and praline. It’s rounded out with base notes of warm sandalwood and amber. At first roll, the gardenia and jasmine notes were very prominent with some whispers of wild berry. After a while, the sweet gourmet notes took place, and it wore down to a generic creamy, vanilla musk. This fragrance is definitely not the most original, but I am a sucker for the generic creamy vanilla musk.  This is a little sweeter than my normal likings, but it’s not to the point it turns me off (yet, at least). This perfume reminds me of the high-caloric notes in Aquolina Pink Sugar with a bit more floral. I’m glad I got the rollerball version, just because I can re-apply and it’ll be used up quickly.
 Overall, it’s a pretty, youthful fragrance and it’s probably a good pick for summer if you like this sorta thing. Sweet? Yes. Playful? Yes. Over-priced? Definitely.

For fans of: Aquolina Pink Sugar, Britney Spears Fantasy

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