@sarah_thebella on Instagram: Back to School

coconut water life of pi forever 21 sunglasses
Lounging with Forever 21 Sunnies (last seen here), coconut water, and Life of Pi 
Style Avenue Houston Texas Jessica
Jessica always knows what I want. A bit of weight taken off and a few curls added on makes a world of difference!
homemade chinese dumplings
I’m not sure if anything can beat homemade dumplings.
buc-ee's madisonville don't mess with texas
Attempting a mean face at the essential Texas road trip rest stop: Buc-ee’s

pecan fudge and red velvet fudge from buc-ee's
Must-try fudge flavors from Buc-ee’s: Chocolate Pecan and Red Velvet…mmm!
the neighbourhood nail design
Basically I have talented friends who make the coolest designs ever! (The Neighbourhood fans, anyone?)
flipping on 1000 steps beach
Flipping it out on 1000 Steps Beach

colorful mead five star school supplies
New fun-colored Five Star school supplies that will easily brighten up my day

back to school decorations
Back-to-school decorating…working hard or hardly working?!

Scrolling through my Instagram, there is no doubt that I had another amazing summer this year…but school officially starts again this Monday. It still dawns on me that this will be my last “first day” of grade school, especially because of the overwhelming, even contradicting mix of emotions I’m feeling: excitement, stress, relief, joy, nervousness, you name it.
I walked through my elementary/primary school yesterday and all I thought about was my young self wanting to grow up. Maybe some of you were similar. Maybe some of you already planned your whole lives ahead of yourselves thinking that you were ready to get the heck out of town attending that perfect college and later, living in that perfect house, working that perfect job, and driving that perfect car. I sure know I did. But life brings many surprises and things go unplanned.
Maybe some of you started small and made personal or academic goals for the school year. Again, I sure know I did. But for some reason or another, we’ve given up saying, “I’ll do better next year.”
Maybe some of you didn’t do either and you’re thinking to yourself, “What the heck is she talking about?” In all seriousness, maybe some of you haven’t really thought about or decided what you want to do, where you’re gonna go, or what the point of any of it is.
Whether you’ve planned out your life already or you’re still deciding on what you want to do, I encourage you to make the most out of the school year ahead. For myself, I want to…
– appreciate and make the most out of my last days living at home.
– continue to stay motivated and inspired.
– cherish the days I have left with my friends from young.
– learn how to handle stress better.
– have the faith to let go and let God lead me wherever I’m supposed to go.

Wherever you are and wherever you’re going, I wish you the best for this year! Have a wonderful weekend. For Instagram photo updates, follow me @sarah_thebella. XO,

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  1. 8.23.13

    Nice post and thanks to your lovely comment on my blog!I'm happy to be your newest follower on GFC ; it would be great if you'd follow back :).I'll be waiting for you!
    Kisses, Mimi

  2. 8.25.13
    Unknown said:

    You are so cute and cheerful! <3
    I find your blog very inspiring..;-)
    Maybe you'd like to follow each other? Let me know 🙂

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    ♡ Kisses,Patrycja

  3. 8.27.13

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Home made dumplings sound awesome. Yum!

  4. 8.27.13
    Sarah said:

    Thank you for your sweet comment 🙂 I love your latest blog post!


  5. 8.27.13
    Sarah said:

    Thank you, Patrycja! Love your blog! XO

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    I've enjoyed reading your posts. Would love for you to stop by my blog more often! 🙂

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  7. 8.28.13

    great post, loving all your photos! those sweets from Buc-ee's look so gooood!

  8. 10.31.13
    Number C said:

    Man! I'm about to read this book!