Senior Skate Night

roller skates
Taking a break

I was so excited to go to our first senior event of the year known as Senior Skate Night…only to find out that I absolutely stink at skating. The last time I remember being at a roller skating rink was probably 5th grade; last night confirmed that my skating skills are next to nothing. When I first stepped foot into the rink last night, I was convinced I wouldn’t make it off the wall, but I was happy to find that everyone there was really understanding about all the slips, falls, and everything in between. After a few rounds around the rink, I was comfortable enough to enjoy the blaring music and even carry around my SLR. I had a good time, but I’ll probably keep roller skating to a minimum in the near future.

neon blazer
Neon theme calls for some hidden treasures: Gap blazer, old dance costume, Zara shorts, and fun color blocked socks
bright lights
Shine bright
neon pink

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