September Favorites

October, here we are! We welcome you with open arms! And if you’re new around here, welcome! My “Monthly Favorites” series is where I take the opportunity to get a little more personal with each one of you by sharing what’s going on in my little life in Austin as well as some of my favorite sights/snaps/eats. I warn you now! Be prepared for the long life recap below!

J. Crew at Nordstrom Red Striped Top

A classic, feminine outfit in my favorite new J. Crew for Nordstrom top!
TOP lace embroidered stripe top | JEANS j. brand high rise skinnies | SHOES black strap sandals (old, similar linked) | SUNNIES miu miu cat eye | BELT red skinny belt (old, similar linked) | LIPSTICK mac ruby woo  
James Turrell Skyspace at UT

The prettiest view at the UT James Turrell “The Color Inside” Skyspace 
The Bella Insider Dorm Room

Quiet Saturday nights spent in. Face masks and all.
Sticky Buns and Fruit and Cheese Plate at Hotel Ella

The yummiest sticky buns (balanced out?) with a fruit and cheese plate at Goodall’s Kitchen inside Hotel Ella
Neiman Marcus Event in Austin, Texas

The perfect fall Neiman Marcus set-up for the Pre-ACL Party at The Domain Mall in Austin, TX
The month of September was absolute craziness. The school work load picked up really fast, and the upperclassmen weren’t kidding. This year has proven to be the most difficult yet! I haven’t exactly found a healthy rhythm or balance yet, but I have learned quite a few lessons about my relationship with my school work that I want to share with you:

1. I don’t study well alone in my room.
I don’t know why I haven’t learned this earlier, but there are too many things to distract me when I study and do homework alone in my room. Everyone has different study habits, and I might just be the odd one out, but really. Studying inside my room by myself in complete silence just doesn’t work for me! I’ve always known this about myself, but I’m glad I’m finally coming to terms with it early on this semester.

2. You really can push your body too hard.
There really is such thing as too little sleep. Y’all, I thought I could do it. I thought I was Superwoman, but I’m not. When your body gets used to sleeping just 4-5 hours a night, it really does take a toll on you. My answers aren’t as sharp, I’m slower to respond, and let’s not even talk about what it’s been doing to my skin. Sleep is so important, and I need to remember that, so I don’t get sick every other week like I did this month. (Yeah, it’s totally possible!)

3. Breaks are very necessary. They’re good for the brain. They’re good for the body.
One of the best things I did in September was take bike rides after dinner. The sun has been setting around 7:15 pm here in Austin, so after I eat, I hop on my bike and take a leisurely ride around campus at sunset. No destination, no time limit. It’s such a refreshing break from studying and homework, and it’s been a very reflective way to end the day with the crisp air and open Texas sky in front of me. If you’ve never taken a bike ride at sunset, I highly recommend it.
I don’t have an exact plan to improve my current school situation, but I do know I want to follow my planned hourly schedule more consistently. I need to start my days earlier. Of course, that means I have to get into bed earlier. I need to exercise. Overall, I just need to be kind to my body. I hope this is a reminder for both you and me! And hey, if you have any tips to get you on track for your work days, let me know! If you ever want to ask about anything at all, email me at I’d be so happy to chat with you!

Lastly, I want to tell you how appreciative I am of each and every one of you who take the time to scroll through and check in with me from time to time. Even you boys in my engineering classes! I so appreciate you for caring enough to read up on my life happenings. Thank you for making me a part of your day!  

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