Southern California

Laguna Beach
Laguna Beach waters
Mick's Karma Bar
Mick’s Karma Bar‘s epic Karma Burger + strawberry basil lemonade
The famous Bruxie Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich…mmm
Waterfall Braid
Waterfall braiding
The Perfect Circle Cupcakery
Pleasantly surprised with The Perfect Circle‘s yummy Lemon Raspberry cupcake
Making new friends and keeping the old
Cross Bracelets
We match.

My month of July in California was absolutely incredible. I only returned back in Houston a few hours ago (sleep deprived, of course…surprise surprise), but I’m reliving many memories already. Though I was sad to leave, I was most excited to see my little sister again. I’m so thankful for the time I got to spend to soak up some sun, try some good eats, make new friends from across the world, enjoy fellowship, and spend time away from everyday life. I believe it was a much-needed recharge before heading back to school again this semester and I’m very inspired and determined to make some new changes in my life. I missed talking to y’all! When does school start for you?

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  1. 8.6.13

    Great photos! Looks amazing there!

  2. 8.6.13
    Sarah said:

    Thank you! I hope to return back soon!
    XOXO, Sarah

  3. 8.7.13
    ANDYSTYLE said:

    pretty pics 🙂

  4. 8.7.13
    Sarah said:

    I love your blog, Andrea! I have followed through GFC 🙂 Hope to see you soon again on my blog!

  5. 8.7.13
    Aino said:

    Great photos!
    Laguna beach looks so beautiful! xx


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