SRD’s Casino Night

Yesterday, I had such a great time at our annual dorm “Casino Night” event, I knew I had to share pictures with y’all. After attending the #ATXBloggerMixer, I told myself and my girlfriends that I would swing by the event just for a few minutes, because I was already feeling exhausted. Once I got back to SRD and started looking around, Casino Night looked like way too much fun to leave! As mentioned in my previous SRD event blog post last October, we have wonderful people at the dorm that make events like this possible. Many thanks to them, because it was such a blast! Here are a few pictures from my “night out” at home:

SRD Casino Night
{Casino Night frame photo op}
Once I arrived home, I looked around the event and immediately went back to my room to change into this outfit. I don’t get the chance to dress up often, so this LBD was super fun!

SRD Casino Night
{gold, gold, gold}
SRD Casino Night
{huge poker chips}
SRD Casino Night
{mini bites}

The decorations and mini snacks around the lobby/ballroom area were perfect! Too bad I didn’t get there earlier to take pictures of the complete spread of food. From what I could see, the desserts must have been delicious, since those were gone first!

SRD Casino Night
{casino games}
It’s funny I was so excited about this event, because I don’t ever play Blackjack, Poker, Texas Hold ‘Em, or other typical casino games, and I didn’t play them here either. I’d be pretty useless in a real casino! Even though I didn’t play any games, I sure made use of the photo booth and dance floor!

SRD Casino Night
{This backdrop is so cool! And my friend Sydney looks fabulous, as always!}
SRD Casino Night
{My friend Daisy shaved her head and fund-raised for childhood cancer research with Brave the Shave! Isn’t she beautiful?!}
I made sure to take lots of pictures with friends, but here are just a few! Thanks again to our wonderful home for bringing us a fun night. One day, I hope to be able to host events just as spectacularly, but for now, I’m still enjoying dorm life. For more college life updates, follow along on Instagram @sarah_thebella. Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!

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  1. 4.18.16
    Unknown said:

    sarah–takes me back to college life!! lol, thanks for sharing this one, and girl, you needa learn how to play texas hold em!!! mainly bc you live in TEXAS. 😀 it's not hard to learn and actually fun. it was a pleasure meeting you in person and enjoy the college years babe; they will fly by. love how your personality always shines through your photos. xoxo,

    janna |

  2. 4.18.16
    Sarah said:

    Hi, Janna! Hahaha! I love how we spoke on Thursday about me wanting to leave college ASAP, but then I went to this event right after. Going to events like these remind me maybe college isn't so bad after all! I should definitely learn how to play soon. I love writing more personal posts like these to give a little inside peak of my college journey. Thank you SO much for following along and for the sweet comment! I loved meeting you last week and can't wait for more of your blog/IG posts! XO, Sarah