SRD’s “Fall-O-Ween Festival”

Scottish Rite Dormitory Austin Texas
{fun friends}

Hello, all! Yesterday, the sweet people at my home SRD put on a fun event for us to celebrate the fall season and its festivities. SRD prides itself in making living away from home as enjoyable as it can be and events like these definitely remind me that dorm life can’t be topped by any other place. Out of all the events held throughout the year, it’s hard to pick a favorite – but this one is definitely in my top three. 🙂

I only spent about an hour outside, but it was the best way to decompress from the week of studying (a.k.a. basically living in the petroleum engineering building the whole week) for my upcoming test that evening. We had some delicious food, carnival games, a pumpkin painting station, lots of photo ops, and more that I am so excited to show you because all of these things are just so Pinterest-worthy, it makes me want to host my own event like this in the future. 🙂 Here are some photos below:

Scottish Rite Dormitory Austin Texas, frito pie in a bag
{yummy eats excluding the desserts like diy s’mores, highlight of the day: frito pie in a bag}
flash tattoos
{flash tattoo station}
fall photo shoot set up Scottish Rite Dormitory Austin Texas
{fall photo op station}

pumpkin decorating
{mini pumpkin decorating}
Scottish Rite Dormitory Austin Texas
{sweet neighbors playing inflatable twister}
mini pumpkin decorating
{my mini pumpkin. isn’t it cute?!}

It’s hard to believe how gorgeous the weather for the carnival was because of how dreary it is now. This week, I am extra thankful that I live around such sweet people and that I’m more than taken care of here in college. I hope all of you have a great weekend! For those of you in Austin, stay dry!

P.S. In past years, I typically upload a monthly favorites blog post at the end of each month. That blog post will be a little bit delayed. It will be up by next week!

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