Summer Promises

Happy Monday! Though I know many of us are already thoroughly enjoying a relaxed summer break, I know I am going to be quite busy in the next few weeks. Recently I had been updating a list of things I told myself I’d do this summer and I thought it’d be a great idea to share a few to keep myself accountable. This summer, I will…

1. Make my bed in the morning.
2. Write snail mail. 
3. Make a greater effort in drinking water. 
4. Wear sunscreen on a daily basis.
5. Find inspiration anywhere and everywhere.
6. Go thrifting more often. 
7. Read at least two books. (I’m an awfully slow reader, but I plan on starting this book soon.)
8. Take time to reflect about my day and myself. 
9. Make a greater effort to eat more fruits and veggies than meat. 
10. Protect my skin by not purposely laying out in the sun to get tan. 
Do you have any summer promises you’ve made to yourself?
Check out IFB’s Project #100 for some great lists made by other fashion bloggers.

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