Sweet Cupcakes

Cupcakes are one of my biggest temptations. They’re like eating cute cups of happiness. As much as I enjoy eating healthy, I have to have dessert. I have a major sweet tooth and cupcakes are on the top of my “Temptations List”, because they’re usually quite small, and it satisfies all my cake cravings. The presentation of cupcakes lure me in. Sometimes, they’re too pretty to eat, and I found a place that did exactly that called Sweet Cupcakes. There are a couple trendy little cupcake places around my area, but I’ve yet to try all of them out yet. I loved the inviting and clean atmosphere of this place with the nice furniture, fresh flowers, and display of alluring cupcakes on stands with flavors like lemon citrus, red velvet, and Nutella, to name a few. Here’s a peek at the one I got recently:

{Vanilla with vanilla bean icing}

 I sat outside mid-morning on the grass in my sundress and happily ate my cupcake like a little kid. The cupcakes are moist and super yummy, and their macarons are also very good with a delicate and crispy outside and a chewy inside. For the price, they are small, but they’re worth it. I recommend visiting the place in the morning when the cupcakes are still very fresh, because the cupcakes do sit outside on the pretty displays for people to admire and they dry up a little bit open to their air. (Who wouldn’t want a cupcake in the morning anyways? Mmm.) Overall, this place is really nice to visit and their cupcakes are not only cute, but super yummy as well. My favorites? Red velvet with cream cheese and vanilla with vanilla bean. For sure.

{Sitting happily with my cupcake}

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