Thank You, Deans.

Long time no talk, everyone! Today was the last day of the “normal” class schedule so it’s pretty safe to say that today unofficially marks the end of high school. (Thank you, exemptions!)

Tonight was also the last hoorah with some of my closest friends and greatest supporters: my deans. Over the last four years, I feel so blessed to have had such genuine, hard-working, and caring people not only to help set up my schedule but to be great confidants and life advice-givers. I truly appreciate these two for the dedication and time they spent to ensure I was always at my best – even if it meant calling at odd times of the day, texting/emailing in the middle of class, or just sneaking into their offices to talk. (teehee) Through tears, laughs, early morning trips, late night calls, the mental breakdowns, and all the excitement and thrills of high school, I am so so grateful. I cannot thank them enough for being amazing deans.

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