The 10 Things I Always Buy on Amazon

call this my Amazon favorites

Amazon is the place I stock up on things I frequently purchase. Over the years, I’ve collected a few favorite things I try to purchase from other places. Turns out I always end up buying on Amazon, because it’s reliable, easy to find, and 1-click purchase is just too good. Click the links to shop or head to The Bella Insider Amazon Store for more.

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The 10 Things I Always Buy on Amazon -

Pimple Stickers

Not sexy by any means, but these hydrocolloid patches are my go-to when I have a break-out I know shouldn’t be touching. I usually wear them at night but now find myself wearing them during the day. #quarantine On average, I buy packs once a month from brands like Mighty Patch, Nexcare, and Basic Concepts.

Kindle Digital Downloads

When I was in college, I didn’t have much time to read outside assigned textbooks. Now that I’m out of school, the Kindle Paperwhite is my most-used device other than my phone. It’s light and easy to travel with. Plus, it stores so many books. When I’m not borrowing books from my public library using the Libby app, I’ll download books I want to keep on my Kindle. Here are the top books I recommend reading before college graduation.

Stationery Supplies

Amazon always carries my go-to stationery supplies like my MUJI 0.38 mm pens and favorite white-out tape. When I’m running low on supplies, I’ll typically order some right to my place.


Amazon is the place I like to find new titles and pre-order releases. I love gifting cookbooks to friends for housewarmings, birthdays, or special holidays. Their addresses are saved on my account, so I can have them shipped straight to their home. Some favorites I’ve purchased are Sweet Laurel, Momofuku Milk Bar: A Cookbook, and Pizza Camp.

Packing Cubes

The number of packing cube sets I’ve purchased from Amazon is almost embarrassing. They’re my go-to gifts for friends who are graduating college, heading off for a trip, or just trying to stay organized.


Speaking of trying to stay organized, I also find all my organizers from Amazon. As much as I love browsing The Container Store or Target, I usually find things at more affordable prices. All my favorite organizers can be found here.

Camera Equipment

“Best Buy is Amazon’s showroom” always makes me laugh because it’s absolutely the case for me. I buy all my camera equipment for Sarah Wong Media on Amazon, including SD cards, hard drives, and bullet journal filming equipment.

Self-Care Items

Some of my favorite self-care supplies were purchased from Amazon in the last year. This facial steamer and facial roller were recommended by my esthetician. I’ve also enjoyed using and gifting this bath pillow and bath caddy to friends who love using their bathtubs.


I’ve re-purchased and gifted these soft and cozy slippers so many times in the last year. It sounds extra, but I have a pair at my parent’s place, my apartment, and friends I’ve stayed with. My feet get so cold, I just don’t feel comfortable without them anymore!

CeraVe Cream

I’ve gone through so many tubs of this CeraVe cream. If I could guess, maybe close to 30? I’ve had very dry skin my entire life, and this seems to be the only kind of cream that helps. I use this so often, I have it on auto-ship so I know I always have it when I need it.

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