The Cold Has Hit. Not Really.

After being sick for the past three days, it’s been quite miserable. I get over colds pretty fast, but this one has been around longer then I intended. Being without my normal voice and having to carry around a bunch of tissues has not been fun at all – especially since my Saturday was filled with more than six hours of singing to do. It’s not even cold in Texas yet, and I’ve seen many people come down with a cold (thanks to those freezing classrooms)! There are six things I’ve been trying to do to help out my voice so I can get straight back into singing and talking normally again. Hopefully they can help you too if you become a little sick.

1. Drink lots of tea and honey with lemon! It’ll temporarily soothe sore throats.
2. Try to sleep early. It really does help.
3. Drink lots of water. Actually, this helps with everything.
4. Though I get made fun for doing this, I actually cover up and wear a jacket. I’m not macho. Those rooms are freezing even though outside is around 90-100 degrees.
5. Lay off screaming at people. I’ve found this one a little tough.
6. Smile. You’ll get better soon.

I hope everyone stays happy and healthy this fall!

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